Printer Motors

Whether your office has a small printer or a large, centralized printing station, you need the equipment to work effortlessly. Malfunctioning printer motors can cause delays in work, not to mention the frustration experienced by staff members repeatedly trying to print their documents without success. Since an office's printer could use several motor designs, it is important to choose an option that will work with your specific model.

Printer Motor Designs

Many printers use step motors to offer reliable services. There are, however, several different step motor designs that might meet the needs of your office equipment more effectively.

Many printer models require a PL motor, also known as a permanent magnet motor with a linear actuator. These printer motors allow linear mechanical movements. For instance, many printers use PL motors to move ink to the appropriate point on a page, thus allowing the machine to create accurate printouts of documents without any smearing or smudging.

Printers might also need small-sized permanent magnet motors with planetary gearboxes. Commonly known as PG step motors, these devices can offer the power of a permanent magnet motor within spaces available inside printers. PM step motors have several gears that revolve around a centralized location, allowing the gears to share the printer's workload so that the motor can provide improved torque within a small space.

It is important to consider whether you need to replace motors that mechanize the printer's scan bar, paper feed, paper pick, carriage, or other part. By choosing the printer motor design that your equipment needs, you can help ensure that staff members can print documents without delay or frustration.

Buying Motors for Printers

Buying the right type of motor is only half of the challenge when finding replacement and repair parts for office equipment. You also need to make sure you choose a supplier that can give you access to reliable printer motors and customer services. NMB offers a wide range of printer motors to meet every customer's needs. Our catalogue includes motors used for the various mechanized parts of popular printer models. This includes motors for paper feeds, carriages, paper picks, pumps, and scan bars.

In addition to providing our clients with the most reliable printer motors that offer precision and clarity, NMB also focuses on strong customer services. When you order NMB motors for your office products, you know that you will receive the right parts the first time. NMB pays close attention to every order to help ensure that each customer receives the products and services needed for a range of office products.

By choosing to purchase hybrid motors, permanent magnet motors, and standard variable reluctance step motors from NMB, you help ensure that your office runs efficiently instead of suffering from the stop-and-go associated with malfunctioning equipment. With reliable motors working in your printers, you can rest assured that your equipment will experience the least amount of downtime.