Server Industry

Server Applications

The fast pace of technology is nowhere as real as in the server industry. As a continuous stream of fast processor designs come into view, the quality and stability requirements propel this industry forward. Mainframe systems require optimal performance, and in a growing industry, nothing is more important than the design and maintenance of servers where business downtime or problems with migration of systems does not affect the flow of data and information.

NMB has been supplying the largest OEMs with cooling fans that continue to perform under what is sometimes described as a harsh environment. Continuous cooling of server racks and mainframe systems is of optimal importance to the OEM, and NMB continues to supply high quality and reliable cooling fans, cooling blowers and motorized impellers that complement the form, design and quality requirements of the server industry.

Our ultra-precision machining technologies, worldwide manufacturing locations, and quality products offer a competitive advantage to any manufacturer in the server industry.