Server Rack Cooling

A server offers services to other computers or programs; it can be in the same machine or in a different computer. A rack mount is electronic equipment that is used to contain a server. An equipment rack has different bays and each of these bays is designed to hold a unit of equipment. A single rack can hold multiple servers, generally stacked one above the other. In such a rack that is filled with servers, it is important to have a special server rack cooling system that will prevent the buildup of excessive heat.

Server racks are essentially designed and constructed to house hot running servers that need a steady airflow in order to maintain proper server cooling. When choosing a server rack, always make sure to consider space-efficient design features that include the frame profile and the capacity for increased packing density. There are various server rack accessories that help improve cooling such as enclosure blowers, rack air conditioners, and cooling fans.

Planning Tips for Appropriate Server Rack Cooling

  • When you are choosing a server rack and considering its cooling needs, you have to keep two factors in mind: the type of rack and the amount of equipment that it will contain. You should plan in advance. Always keep future expansion in mind because rack units can often not be added once a server rack has been constructed.
  • The internal dimensions of a server rack can be used to estimate the size and amount of equipment you can install in a rack enclosure. It is important to be informed about external dimensions as you will have to determine if the cooling rack will fit through doorways or get past other such obstructions.
  • It is necessary to consider the height and weight of a cooling rack as these factors influence the movement of a rack from one place to another. You should also take into account environmental factors such as the height of the ceiling and clearance regulations as well as the dimensions of stairways and elevators if the racks need to be transported through them. Server racks are quite large in size and there is a lot of effort involved when they are being moved or fitted into tiny spaces.
  • A rack unit (U) is an EIA standard allowance unit that is used to measure rack mount equipment. One rack unit is equal to 1.75" in height. In order to calculate the internal space usable in a rack enclosure, simply multiply the total rack units by 1.75".

The Importance of Proper Server Rack Cooling

Excess heat influences the performance of electronic equipment, reduces its lifespan, and affects the entire process of operation in an organization. NMB offers rack-level cooling that provides cooling and power resources to the devices that utilize the most power and in turn create the most heat. Rack cooling also helps you to improve the efficiency of energy use and maximize your floor space as well.