Components for Toy Manufacturing

The toy industry is constantly evolving, and high quality parts are needed to keep up with the fast pace. NMB components and bearings are ready to power some of the most well-known toys on the market. Components for toy manufacturing must be high quality and dependable. NMB can provide you with consistent product pieces and help you design and manufacture the most revolutionary toys out there.

Children expect more out of their toys than ever before. Toy manufacturers must bring new and exciting inventions to stores around the globe. The ability to offer new merchandise and concepts must also be weighed against cost and construction. NMB provides quality components to companies in a multitude of industries. Our products are helping to move industries forward and allow for the future of new innovations. The toy industry is one of the industries benefiting from quality parts and components from NMB.

We satisfy the needs of countless industries with our impressive product range, customized product offering, impeccable customer service, and fast turnaround time. NMB can help you create quality and durable toys with our ball bearings.

Choosing Quality and Reliability in Bearings

Ball bearings and miniature ball bearings offer a wide variety of practical applications for the toy industry. NMB's ball bearings can quietly power toys of all shapes and sizes. Their low-noise characteristics, coupled with high reliability, have made NMB the go-to company for all types of product components, fans, and more.

Once you have designed your new toy concept you must choose each and every component to bring your toy to life. One of the most important choices you will make is the ball bearings you select for your toy. Ball bearings include the outer ring, inner ring, balls, shields, retainers, and snap rings. NMB can provide miniature bearings in many different configurations and styles that can suit any type of toy. Chrome steel is also available so you can avoid erosion on or in your toy. Each ball bearing is designed to reduce friction between two parts that should move freely. The most basic movements will appear seamless as your toy is played with and enjoyed.

If your toy design is "out of the box" we can work on custom ball bearings assemblies and components to fulfill your needs. Our team can also work directly with your toy engineers to customize any of our products for optimal results. Designing a toy for any age group requires knowledge of the industry and top of the line components. Each ball bearing component is crafted in house, allowing us to control lead time, manufacturing costs, and customization. Our group can provide you the reliable products that can increase toy value and resilience.

Toys must be durable and withstand the constant day-to-day use of their owners. Depend on the quality parts and timely services from NMB. Your toy will benefit from the wide range of components supplied by NMB. Safe, quality components can help you design a safe, quality toy. Begin your design process with only the best from NMB.