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PE Smart Urban Network

The most flexible and complete Smart City solution on the market.  PE Smart Urban Network is a self-configuring and self-healing network, designed for affordability and ease of deployment. We provide future proof hardware and software network platforms. Supporting both Wireless IoT and Wireless High speed IoT, we enable cities, companies and industries to collect, transport, store, deliver and manage any kind of urban object – streetlights, parking spaces, electrical vehicle charging stations, meters, waste bins, traffic lights, video surveillance cameras, city information panels, WiFi hotspots, and others.
NMB Technologies Corporation introduces Paradox Engineering to North America, and the Revolution for IoT Smart Cities, begins.

PE Smart Urban Network Enables Smart Management of Urban Services

  • Smart Streetlights
    • Control light points – save up to 70% of power and greenhouse emissions by adjusting brightness according to daily solar times, ambient light levels, human or vehicle presence.
  • Smart Parking
    • Monitor and control parking facilities, parking related data, number of available lots, duration of each parking and possible abuse of time limits, reduce traffic congestion up to 30% and additional services as online payment and booking, valet services and alerts.

PE Smart Urban Network can enable other Smart Applications to support further integration

Expandable to any existing or new sensor and smart application.
(examples include, but are not limited to):
  • Smart Energy
    • Cities can successfully and cost effectively manage gas, electricity and water distribution networks, as well as meters, thermostats, and sensors. Remote meter reading, control of possible supply leaks, breaks or tampering.  Integration of renewable and alternative energy sources.
  • Smart Waste
    • Management of trash collection, can be integrated, where cities can accurately track waste input and optimize garbage truck routes. Introduce customized tracking of waste bin status, filling levels, and increase service quality and efficiency.
  • Smart Transportation
    • Integration with public transportation, autonomous vehicles for ride sharing, drones for traffic surveillance and safety, and emergency response support.
  • Pervasive WiFi
    • Video surveillance, traffic control and emergency response support.  WiFi access in city center offers online applications and content, events and proximity marketing campaigns for revenue generation.

Flagship Projects

  • Chiasso, Swiss Municipality – a city strongly committed to sustainability and innovation – Take a look at the video below on how Paradox Technologies were used in this project.




Product Technology

PE Smart Urban Network 
Open standard based platform, fully IoT ready, allows to add intelligence to urban objects (meters, light points, parking lots, etc.) and connect them into a citywide network. PE Smart Urban Network is agnostic to any object or field device, and grants full interoperability on the same wireless IoT and wireless high speed IoT infrastructure.  It hosts multiple services over the same architecture, allowing one network to manage, which delivers data and information coming from multiple devices, and to manage them remotely and coherently.
PE Smart Urban Networks provides all hardware and software components to manage distributed networks over large areas.  PE Smart CMS enables full control of all network components.
PE Tinynode – Smart Parking
Available for off-street and on-street facilities, this solution fits the different needs of street level and multi-story car parks, time limited parking lots, special spaces monitoring and law enforcement assistance.
PE Smart Urban Network Brochure
White Paper:  The Revolution for Smart Cities in the Internet of Things age


About Paradox Engineering
Established in 2005 and headquartered in Switzerland, Paradox Engineering was born as a telecommunication company.   Paradox initially developed a one-stop-shop business model providing virtual networks to connect any customer industrial operation site and enable remote and condition monitoring programs. This  concept was pushed further by designing and engineering pioneer technologies to implement unique inter-operable and highly scalable network infrastructures for industrial and urban applications.
Paradox offers an integrated portfolio of future proof solutions and services to unlock the value of data for smart industrial and urban networks in the Internet of Things (IoT) age.  Unique competences in radio design, network design and management, low power consumption and data collection is at the heart of our smart excellence.
Paradox Engineering, as well as NMB Technologies Corporation,  are part of the MinebeaMitsumi group, the world’s leading comprehensive manufacturer of high-precision components, electronic devices and components, which acquired full capital and assets of Paradox Engineering SA in July 2015.
Paradox Engineering and NMB Technologies Corporation are partnering with other leaders in the industry to assist in launching additional flagship projects in North American and around the world.