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Permanent Magnet Motor With Plastic Planetary Gearbox
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The new standard permanent magnet with gearbox (PG) series step motors are available from 15mm to 35mm in outside diameter. Ready for customization, these permanent magnet with gearbox step motors offer finer resolution with added torque. The NMB permanent magnet step motors are manufactured with an injection molded stator designed for heat dissipation. With a vertically integrated manufacturing process, the permanent magnet step motors and 95% of the gearbox are completed in house.

Why Choose a Planetary Gearbox?

What are the advantages of choosing a permanent magnet motor with a plastic planetary gearbox? For one, because of the planetary alignment, the gearbox can be a much smaller unit than a motor with conventional gear layouts, while providing the same or higher torque levels. A planetary gearbox motor also tends to be lighter than other models. Motors with planetary gearboxes are highly efficient, with less than five percent of the generated energy being taken away by mechanical losses. In addition, a motor with a planetary gearbox tends to require a minimum of maintenance and is long lasting, making it a highly cost-effective option for fulfilling your motor needs. NMB crafts permanent magnet motors with plastic planetary gearboxes in keeping with our commitment to quality, ensuring that you will get a powerful, reliable, long lasting motor. If this sounds like what you need for your motor applications, take a look at the PG motor options provided on this page.