PM Motor With Linear Actuator (PL)

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Permanent Magnet Motor With Linear Actuator

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Permanent magnet linear motors convert rotary motion into linear motion. Linear actuators offer high output in a small package size. Linear travel per step ranges from .05mm to .0127mm.


What Is a Linear Actuator?

A permanent magnet motor with a linear actuator (PL motor) is a motor in which the motion goes in a straight line rather than in a circular motion. This type of motor is appropriate for applications that require motive force in a specific direction. Examples of ideal applications are printer heads and other types of office automation machines. Linear actuators can also be used for juicers, machines with pistons, systems to lock and unlock car doors, and conveyor belts. In fact, there is an extremely wide range of products and applications for which a motor with a linear actuator is a great fit. If your project is one of them, this is the place to be looking.

How Exactly Does a Linear Actuator Work?

In contrast with a traditional permanent magnet motor, in a permanent magnet stepper motor with linear actuator, the motor shaft is replaced with a screw. The middle of the rotor is then altered so that it effectively behaves as a nut that works in concert with the screw. In this way, when the motion is activated the motor is prevented from turning, and that mechanical energy is transformed from rotational motion to linear motion. The increments of linear motion that correspond to each step are determined by dividing the number of motor steps into the screw pitch. What this means is that the longer the screw pitch, the faster the motor will advance but the lower the power. A shorter pitch means a slower motor with more available power.

Using a PL Motor

If you want all the benefits of a PM motor but need linear motion for your particular application, a permanent motor with linear actuator, or PM motor, is the perfect solution. These motors provide the accuracy and power of a PM motor in a device that allows for linear motion. If you’ve benefitted from the efficiency of PM motors from NMB in the past, you’ll definitely want an NMB motor for your linear actuator motor needs. Take a look at the wide selection of PL motors available from NMB and find the one that’s right for you. While you’re at it, you may want to go back and look at our choices of hybrid stepper and PM stepper motors as well, for use in your applications that require rotary motors.