Comprehensive PM Motor Guide


PM Motors

PM motors use permanent magnet rotors and are commanded by electrical pulses. They are widely used in printers, copiers, and scanners. They are also used to operate valves in household water and gas systems as well as drive actuators in automotive applications.

The following guide will help you determine if a permanent magnet motor is right for your project's needs and, if it is, which motor options you should choose. Our guide is presented in three main sections: construction, custom features and options, and the selection of PM motors that NMB offers. You can follow the guide through each of these segments or jump right to the section that provides the information you're looking for.

PM Motors Construction

This section provides an illustrated explanation of how a permanent motor works. The main distinguishing feature of this motor, as one would imagine, is the permanent magnet that gives it its name. What identifies a permanent magnet motor is the permanent magnet that is installed in its rotor; when current is passed through the magnet, the rotor moves, pulled by the magnet.

Permanent Magnet Stepper Motor Custom Features & Options

This section breaks down the structure and characteristics of permanent magnet motors. It also lists the custom features and options that NMB offers for permanent magnet stepper motors. The choices available include PG (planetary gearbox) PM motors and PL (permanent magnet linear actuator) motors.

Selection of Permanent Magnet Step Motors

This section of our guide introduces a document listing the PM motors you can choose from and an instructive guide that explains what each of your options means. Your permanent magnet motor needs can vary by torque requirements, resistance value, coil temperature saturation, and a number of other factors. We'll walk you through each of these important features in details to help you determine which type of PM motor is right for you and your project.

We are ready to design and manufacture motors to fully answer your application's requirements, so get started learning about and finding the NMB permanent magnet motor that’s right for your needs today.