Permanent Magnet Step Motors Selection

Selection of Permanent Magnet (PM) Motors Selection of Permanent Magnet Step Motors

Selection of Permanent Magnet Step  Motors

These motors offer high precision at a low cost and are used in a wide array of office automation equipment as well as various other applications. Our PM motor offering spans a large range of motor sizes or output torques. We pride ourselves on our design and manufacturing systems that ensure the rapid delivery of motors perfectly suited to their applications. On this page we list several parameters that can be used in the selection of a PM motor. These permanent magnet motor parameters include:

Torque Requirements

A larger step motor generates more torque (the rotational force of the step motor). However, output torque for permanent magnet step motors will vary according to their drive speeds. Higher revolution speed means higher coil impedance and lower torque. You can use the chart provided in the torque requirements section to find the step motor with the average torque that you need.


Of course there are permanent magnets in all permanent magnet motors, but different magnets have different properties with respect to torque and inertia. Permanent magnet motor magnet options include Ferrite plastic magnet, polar anisotropy ferrite sintered magnet, and Nd-Fe-B bonded magnet. Refer to this section to determine which of these options is right for your step motor.

Standard Parts

Any of the standard parts for your step motor can be chosen in any combination from NMB’s list of permanent magnet motor parts without additional cost, although you may wish to choose custom parts for your particular step motor application.

Drive Circuitry

There may be some variation in drive wiring, whether you are using a unipolar step drive or a bipolar step drive. View this section to see a breakdown of different wiring configurations for your permanent magnet motor.

Depending on the application, the conditions of use, and the model in which the motor will be used, it is necessary to set motor characteristics for optimum conditions. We therefore recommend, in addition to making a selection based on information on this website, that you order a variety of samples and conduct an evaluation of the products when in use in the actual equipment. Please contact your local sales representative or e-mail us for sample order.

These pages do not constitute any part of the product specifications and are intended only as reference material in aiding with the selection of a motor. Also, please note that the contents of these page are liable to change without notice. Even if there are any changes to the information given here, this will have no influence whatsoever on products for which specifications have already been agreed and which are in production. If there should be any impact on products already manufactured, we will submit a request for approval of changes to the customer, and make any such changes only after receiving the customer's agreement.