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Standard PM Step Motors
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Standard permanent magnet step motors are manufactured with an encapsulated stator design, which achieves greater dimensional control and supports improved thermal characteristics. These motors are available from 20mm to 55mm in outside diameter, with standard and customized features that make this product ideal for medical instrumentation and valve applications.

What Are the Advantages of a PM Step Motor?

NMB has the right PM step motor for almost any application, but why use a permanent magnet step motor in the first place? Largely because it has been well established in the engineering world that there are many advantages to using a PM stepper. Although PM is not the only type of step motor, PM motors strike the perfect balance between efficiency and affordability. PM motors, like any motor classified as a stepper, provide a sharp contrast in effectiveness to the previously popular induction motor.

Although the induction motor is still used in many applications, there are some disadvantages to it, particularly in the area of torque. An induction motor is an asynchronous AC motor. The power is actually induced within the motor, rather than supplied to it by an outside source. One issue is that the induction motor must slip to generate torque, which is not an issue with the PM type of motor.

A standard permanent magnet motor tends to be much faster than an induction motor. If speed is an issue with your motor applications, you may find the permanent magnet motor to be much more suitable to your needs. Remember that a faster motor often results in getting more done in a shorter time frame.

Because of the high speed and torque capabilities of the PM, this type of motor is much less likely to jam than an induction motor. Since a motor jam can be costly and time-consuming, this is an important issue to keep in mind. In addition, a permanent magnet motor generally uses less electricity to operate than an induction motor does. If you are using many PM step motors for your applications, this can add up to savings of thousands of dollars every year.

The permanent magnet motor also provides more speed and power in a smaller size. NMB offers PM motors in a variety of sizes, and if you need serious motor speed and power but don’t have a lot of room in your application for a motor, a permanent magnet motor can provide the ideal solution.

This particular type of motor is extremely versatile, being used in everything from waste disposal units to undersea oil pumps. They can be used in model airplanes or robots. The permanent magnet motor is becoming increasingly popular in medical equipment, such as blood analyzers, dialysis machines, and IV pumps that often require efficient torque and power from a motor small enough to fit in these devices. Once you’ve seen a standard PM motor in action, you’ll almost certainly want to get started right away using them in your own motor applications.

NMB provides high quality PM motors for a variety of applications to industries and professionals all over the country. If you’re convinced that a permanent magnet motor is right for your motor applications, take a look at our list of standard permanent magnet motors and find the one that is perfect for your business and motor applications.