NMB and Dynamism Partner to bring Minebea’s COOL LEAF Keyboard to the Consumer Market

Now available directly to the consumer, the new COOL LEAF Keyboard is a beautifully designed, next generation input device. With a mirror like flat surface while turned off, the device comes alive when turned on, as the keyboard characters appear on the surface, lighted from beneath, as if floating. This beautiful piece of new technology is now available at dynamism.com


July 26, 2011 – Chatsworth, CA – NMB Technologies Corporation, a Minebea Group Company, announced today the introduction of Minebea’s new COOL LEAF Keyboard into the U.S. consumer market by partnering with Dynamism, an on-line retailer of high end Japanese consumer technology.

The new Minebea COOL LEAF Keyboard is a highly sophisticated, next generation, input device that represents Minebea’s state of the art backlighting technology, coupled with their keyboard manufacturing expertise. Designed by world renowned Dr. Kazuo Kawazaki, the flat, mirror like surface of this keyboard panel makes it easy to clean, and ideal for any application where cleanliness, dim light or contemporary design aesthetics are required.

As a recognized on-line retailer of Japanese technology, Dynamism reaches directly into the consumer market, NMB will concentrate on introducing the COOL LEAF keyboard to industrial markets. “The partnership with Dynamism represents a great opportunity for NMB to reach the high end consumer market, and we are extremely excited at developing this new relationships with a specialty distributor focused on this segment”, comments Jim Thompson, business unit manager for NMB Technologies Corporation.

The COOL LEAF keyboard is compatible with Windows® XP, Windows® Vista and Windows® 7. A Mac Version of this very “cool” design is also in the works.

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