NMB Introduces New Series on Thermal Simulation in System Design

A series of engineering papers are presented to illustrate how the design engineer can use thermal simulation technology to anticipate and evaluate thermal cooling in component behavior.

Chatsworth, CA – June 29, 2010 – NMB Technologies Corporation, a Minebea Group Company, introduces a new series of informational engineering papers on how thermal simulation can aid,  not only in the design of a system, but in anticipating the behavior of cooling components.

In looking at the selection process of cooling components, in particular axial cooling fans, the first step for the engineer is to estimate the required airflow for his or her application.  The engineer’s design needs to take into consideration not only the heat generated by the many other components that are necessary, but the solution as to how to cool this design effectively.    

NMB has been successful in utilizing thermal simulation to aid and anticipate thermal inadequacies in a cooling design.  In the first of many series, NMB presents a view of how thermal simulation can assist in predicting and improving the airflow and optimal cooling of an average CPU application.

NMB’s fan engineering thermal simulation pages are available. You can now view the animated end results of this CPU cooling application here.

The use of thermal simulation technology has become part of NMB’s design offerings, and has been proven to facilitate the design process of many of their customers by providing key information and solutions for several thermal cooling applications.

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