NMB Updates Customers on Thailand Factories

Gerry Fay, president of NMB Technologies Corporation, has sent a letter to NMB customers on the flood situation in Thailand. Thailand is a major manufacturing hub for NMB products, producing miniature ball bearings, and small motors as well as other electro-mechanical components for the NMB brand.

October 21, 2011– Chatsworth, CA – Gerry Fay, president of NMB Technologies Corporation, updates customers on the current situation with NMB factories in Thailand.

Below is the complete letter, as it was sent to NMB customers:

Dear Customer,

By now, you may be aware of the flood situation in Thailand. It is affecting more and more areas with serious impact, impeding the roads, airports and other infrastructure.

We would like to inform you that a part of our production is located in Thailand and could be influenced by the current flood situation (Force Majeure). Minebea takes considerable effort to avoid any production stoppage or delay in its deliveries to its customers.

For the moment we do not expect any delay in our deliveries to you. If there are any indications that may result in any such delay we will inform you promptly so as to avoid or minimize damage to our customers.

If you have any queries or need more information please contact your NMB Product Support Representative who will provide you with the information requested.

Signed by Gerry Fay – President of NMB Technologies Corporation

About NMB Technologies Corporation – NMB Technologies Corporation, a Minebea Group Company, is the world’s largest manufacturer of miniature precision ball bearings and a volume leader in the design and manufacturing of precision electro-mechanical components, including cooling fans and blowers, precision small motors and mechanical bearing assemblies. NMB products can be found in the personal computing, networking, telecommunications, home entertainment, home electronics, and automotive, medical and industrial markets. For more information on NMB Technologies Corporation visit: http://www.nmbtc.com or contact us directly.