Product Marketing Manager – Novi, MI

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The Product Marketing Manager for NMB Technologies Corporation is accountable for:  developing and recommending business strategies to increase market share for specific products in specific target markets; getting buy-in from division to produce new products or upgrade existing products, developing and delivering technical product educational material and managing new product launches.  May manage allocated staff.

NMB Requisition 012318
Area Novi, MI
Industry All
Product Focus MEC
Date Posted 01/23/2018

Duties and Responsibilities

    1. Market Opportunity Assessment – Continually assess total available market (TAM), total serviceable market (TSAM) and size of available market opportunity (= TAM – TSAM) for specified product(s) in conjunction with marketing department.
    2. Competitive Analysis & Benchmarking – Conduct regular competitive analysis and benchmarking and research industry trends in conjunction with marketing department. Prepare quarterly summary report for specified products.
    3. Product & Business Strategy Development – Understand current business unit research, strategies, and new product development and incorporate into product and business strategies as appropriate for NMB Technologies Corporation.
    4. Product Marketing Strategy Development – Develop and recommend product and business strategies to encompass sales channels and market approach for specified product(s).
    5. Product Development Recommendations – Develop product road maps and make recommendations and get buy-in from division to produce new products or upgrade current products.
    6. Product Marketing Sales Tools Development– Develop, document and deliver product strategies, product technical knowledge and selling tools to assist the sales group in meeting corporate sales objectives.
    7. Product Launch – Manage new product launches.
    8. Supervision & Management – May manage allocated staff to accomplish business objectives. This would include staffing up to planned workforce levels, setting and documenting performance expectations, assessing training needs and developing training plans, providing regular performance feedback and coaching as needed, setting up compensation plans, ensuring minimal task interference and conducting performance and development reviews..

Job Qualification Requirements

    1. 4 Year Degree
    2. More than 5 Years experience in OEM sales, marketing and/or product management experience.
    3. Strong product and project management skills and demonstrated track record of achievements.
    4. Extensive experience with technical products and the engineering & manufacturing processes associated with these products.
    5. Demonstrated sound judgment and decision-making in critical business situations.
    6. High level of capability working in an international organization.
    7. Has shown a high degree of flexibility, adaptability, creativity and determination in overcoming challenging situations.
    8. Strong written and verbal communication skills.
    9. Good computer skills: Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, and Power Point.
    10. Extensive international and domestic travel required.
    11. Japanese language skill preferred.

Key Performance Indicators

Note: The Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) listed here are intended to be the general indicators to be used in setting expectations for the position.  Not all KPI’s may be used at one time.  When they are used, however, specific results should be associated with these indicators.  For example, Competitive analysis and benchmarking reported: Reported to business unit manager for product X by the end of Q1.

Job Responsibility   Key Performance Indicator
#1 TAM, TSAM and market opportunity assessment
#2 Competitive analysis and benchmarking reported
#3 Assessment of business unit research, strategies and new product development presented
#4 Business strategies for specified products developed
#5 Product road maps developed
#5 Recommendations to division presented; buy-in approvals secured
#6 Product strategies technical knowledge & selling tools delivered
#7 New project launches managed
#8 For positions with supervisory responsibility:
#8 Documentation of expectations for each member of sales force
#8 Training needs assessment and training plans developed
#8  Annual performance evaluation completed
#8 Regular feedback provided to sales force members