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Featured Products

New High Performance Cooling Fans R and F Series Series

New High Performance TurboFan Series

You don’t have to choose between high performance or increased efficiency to achieve better value and lower operating costs for your application. The New R and F Series of cooling fans and impellers from NMB introduces a new generation of high performance products that offer total cooling solutions without compromise.

New COOL LEAF Keyboard … At Your Fingertips

NMB and Dynamism have partnered to bring the cool reality of the COOL LEAF keyboard directly to you. The COOL LEAF Keyboard is a highly sophisticated, next generation input device with a flat panel mirror like surface. Beautifully designed by Dr. Kazuo Kawazaki, it represents the future of input devices

Cool Leaf
New High Performance TurboFan Series

New High Performance TurboFan Series

New DC axial TurboFan Series is specially designed for applications where high pressure performance and efficiency is required. Built with an integral stationary blade, a single rotor/impeller and a casing designed for aerodynamics and efficiency optimization. A bearing lubricant developed by NMB contributes in increasing fan life and reliability of the ball bearing, as well as achieving high magnetic flow density in fan design.

New IP54 Rated DC Cooling Fans

New DC cooling fans VL Series from NMB are offered in a variety of custom features, including a fully encapsulated motor, oil and water resistant with an IP54 rating. Designed for industrial machines, solar photovoltaic power systems, and telecommunication equipment, as well as other applications where varying environmental conditions require optimal cooling performance.

IP54 Rated DC Cooling Fans
Energy Efficient Cooling Fans

New Energy Efficient Cooling Fans

Designed for the server, telecom and medical office automation markets, the new RL Series DC Axial Cooling fans offer a single phase motor technology designed for low power consumption, high efficiency and better airflow. This new energy efficient series of DC Axial Cooling fans are available in dimensions of 60X38mm, 80X38mm, 92X38mm and 120X38mm, and in 12, 24 and 48 VDC. Available Now.

Custom Fan Trays

New intelligent, high efficiency custom fan tray assemblies are being developed every day at NMB’s design and development center in Arizona. Challenging thermal solutions are addressed for the telecom, heat exchanger and HVAC markets.

New Custom Fan Trays
New Standard Hybrid Motors

Standard PG Motors

The new standard permanent magnet with gearbox (PG) series step motors are available from 15mm to 35mm in outside diameter. Ready for customization, these permanent magnet with gearbox step motors offer finer resolution with added torque. The NMB permanent magnet step motors are manufactured with an injection molded stator designed for heat dissipation. With a vertically integrated manufacturing process, the permanent magnet step motors and 95% of the gearbox are completed in house.

Standard Permanent Magnet Step Motors

Standard permanent magnet step motors are manufactured with an encapsulated stator design, which achieves greater dimensional control and supports improved thermal characteristics. These motors are available from 20mm to 55mm in outside diameter, with standard and customized features that make this product ideal for medical, instrumentation and valve applications.

New Standard Permanent Magnet Motors
New Standard Hybrid Motors

Standard Hybrid Motors

The standard hybrid stepper motor line includes popular models in NEMA size 17, 23 and 34. Also as a standard, a 2.9 inch round model with the same mounting as a NEMA 23 is available. This 2.9 inch provides more torque with a larger rotor, but not increasing mounting layout motor size. These standard type step motors are ideal for the medical, industrial and valve markets.

Weather Resistant AC Axial Fan Series

A fully encapsulated motor design, using epoxy resin material and labyrinth structure, produces a fan series that is impervious to dirt, oil and moisture. Available in 3 sizes, 80mm X 25mm, 119mm X 38mm, and 150mm X 172mm X 38mm, this new series is designed for low noise, high flow and high pressure applications. Standard features include plastic impellers, aluminum casing and impedance/thermal protection, as well as dual, maintenance free, ball bearings. IP54 rating, metal blades, dual voltage and 3 Faston terminals # 110 are all part of the custom features.

New Weather Resistant Fans
New DC Brushless Motors

New DC Brushless Motors

NMB introduces a new line of high efficiency brushless dc motors ideally suited for the medical, industrial, packaging and material handling industries. Available in sizes ranging from 15mm to 65mm outer diameter, 1W up to 1KW, 3 phase delta winding construction with 3 internal hall sensors (HED). These new brushless dc motors are available under 4 weeks for standard samples. Low to high volume production is supported for OEM requests.

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