Refrigeration Cooling Fans

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Refrigeration Fans Sales Sheet

New! NMB Cooling Fans for Refrigeration Applications

Specifically designed for colder environments, and higher humidity applications, the refrigeration fans feature a fully integrated motor, casing and impeller design.

Evaporator Fan Applications

Designed for -40⁰C temperature applications, and offering high airflow,  low noise and low power consumption, the evaporator application cooling fans are available in sizes from 80mm to 125mm, delivering 22.25 to 76.63 CFM of air flow.

Condenser Fan Applications

The cooling fans for condenser applications are also designed with a fully integrated fan motor, dust proof, and feature 125mm and 150mm sizes. Low noise, low power consumption, and delivering from 57.26 to 91.82 CFM of air flow.


  • HighAirflow
  • Low Noise
  • Low Power Consumption / Energy Efficient
  • Low Temperature Application -40˚C
  • Long Life – maintenance free dual NMB precision ball bearings
  • Fully integrated compact DC Fan (Motor+Casing+Impeller)


  • Tach Output
  • Locked Output
  • Voltage Control
  • PWM


NMB fans offer total cooling solutions without compromise.