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NMB Backlight Family

Backlight Technology

How brilliant do you want it?

The evolution, research and development of Lighting Solutions at NMB owes its growth to the years of experience and expertise in design and manufacturing of backlight technology.

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NMB Backlighting

NMB’s high-volume factories produce LED backlights for use in smart phones, car navigation systems, tablets and laptop PCs for industry leading OEMs worldwide.

Our expertise in backlighting serves as a strong foundation for new optical technology developments. Our Ultra-Thin Optical Lenses are now available for a variety of applications.

We specialize in:

  • Optical Design
  • LED Module Light Source
  • Structural Design
  • Thermal Design
  • Product Development
  • 90% of Components Manufactured In-House

Backlight Structure

Minebea Lens Structure

Advanced Simulation

Minebea Backlight Lighting Simulation

Lighting Simulation

Minebea Backlight Thermal Simulation

Thermal Simulation

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