Ultra Thin Lens

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LED Lighting Family

New Optical Lens Technology

How brilliant do you want it?

NMB’s new Ultra Thin Lens technology delivers a 1mm lens that eliminates irregular irradiation and ensures uniform color.

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Superior Technology

NMB Ultra-Thin Lens Comparison
  • Smaller and thinner lens structure
  • Low production costs with in-house molding
  • Higher quality color uniformity
  • No light irradiation irregularity (yellow ring)
  • Ultra thin for new compact applications
  • Short molding cycle

Product Development

NMB Product Development CAD

Modern Product Design

NMB Product Development Finished Product

Finished Product

Lens Structure

Minebea Lens Structure

Ultra-Thin Optical Lens Design

Minebea Lens Structure

Ultra Precision Machining and Molding

Advanced Simulation

Minebea Lens Thermal Simulation

Thermal Simulation

Minebea Lens Lighting Simulation

Lighting Simulation

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