Standard Line Dimming Information

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Dimming is achieved by applying a voltage (Vdim) between the Purple (0V-10V) and Gray (GND) wires on the LED Driver.

Output Power Range and Dimming Chart

LED Output Power Range and Dimming Chart
This chart illustrates the Current and Voltage output ranges capable for every CLSD001 Series LED Driver.

For example, the CLSD001A Driver shows an output Current range from 350mA to 750mA, by utilizing the dimming feature, the Output Current can be brought down to a minimum of 0.12A (35% of 350mA).

The Dimming Ratio chart below illustrates how the different values for Vdim affect the Output Current.

If the Programming Box (CLSD004) is used to program the CLSD001A to 350mA (output current range for this driver is from 350mA to 750mA) and 3V is applied between the Purple and Gray wires, the driver will output 55% of the set Output Current. Therefore, if this driver is using a 120V input, the output current will be 55% of 350mA, which equates to 0.19A.

Dimming Considerations