Senior Product Coordinator – Chatsworth, CA

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The Senior Product Coordinator is responsible for ordering products and complete follow through from order to delivery, handling issues, expedited requests, scheduling, tracking and logistics, meeting customer and company forecasts and directions.
NMB Requisition 21617
Area Chatsworth, CA
Industry All
Product Focus Fans
Date Posted 02/16/2017

Duties and Responsibilities

    1. Administration – Prepare business transactions.
    2. Order Processing – Order material based on forecasts and customer purchase orders.
    3. Special Handling Instructions – Follow-up and expedite manufacturing orders.
    4. Order Coordination/New Products – Coordinate for new product with engineering, China factory and follow through until documentation is issued and mass production is confirmed.
    5. Production Coordination – Production scheduling, contact factory for purchase of material availability and expediting.
    6. Sample Order Processing – MO entry, track, receive and ship samples for sales.
    7. Process Air Shipment Authorizations – Process customer air authorizations.
    8. Order Review – Check backlog for p/n and allocation.
    9. Pricing – Pricing of product, applying & registering pricing with management. This may also require communications with Japan Management.
    10. Inventory – Ordering buffer stock based on past sales and distribution levels, tracking inventory, eliminating excessive or old inventory, and keeping inventory levels low but lucrative in order to achieve our sales goals.
    11. Effective Reporting – This position may also require the development of Weekly Sales Forecast that may be required to be sent to member of management including Japan Business Management in order for Japan to track & forecast monthly sales goals for the Product Line. It also may include a 3-month Sales Forecast, Production Forecast and Current Inventory Report.

Secondary Tasks

Responsibilities that are required occasionally

      1. Back-log Reporting – By-weekly sample report backlog.
      2. Production Forecast – Bi-Monthly Production Forecast to Japan and China in order to procure material, which also includes a 3-month Forecast by part number.
      3. Scrap Product Review – Check and approve Distribution Scrap and bring back any sellable product to NMB. Assist QA by scrapping any Aged Inventory in their possession on a Monthly Basis.
      4. Purchasing – Issue purchase request / purchase product (value added parts) with the Product Mgr’s approval.
      5. Contracts – Assist Product Manager by going over Customer Contracts, making any necessary changes and additions to Supply Agreements.
      6. Administrative- Issue Monthly Air Shipment Report to Japan Logistics for their tracking purposes.
      7. Other – Perform other duties as related to the job function as required.

Job Qualification Requirements

    1. High School or equivalent.
    2. 3-5 years experience customer service, sales, administration or coordination.
    3. 3-5 years expediting and logistics experience.
    4. Bilingual English/Chinese a plus, not required.
    5. Knowledge negotiating, and logistics.
    6. Familiar with AS400 or similar data entry order system.
    7. Computer skills required: Microsoft Office, Word, Excel.
    8. Excellent verbal and communication skills