Sleeve Bearing Fans

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Sleeve Bearing Fans Sales Sheet

New Sleeve Bearing Fans

NMB introduces a new family of Sleeve Bearing Fans available in a range of sizes from 25mm to 92mm. This new family of Sleeve Bearing Fans deliver a higher performance as compared to less expensive options available in the market today.

The 25mm, 30mm and 35mm sizes are available in 5VDC and 12VDC, while the 40mm and 50mm, as well as the 60mm, 80mm and 92mm sleeve bearing fans are offered in 12VDC and 24VDC. These fans are also available with locked rotor and tach signals.

Speeds vary by voltage and range from 6,550 to 13,000 RPM. CFM ranges from 2.7 for the smallest 25mm fan to 15.0 CFM for the larger 50mm fan.


  • Cost Savings
  • 30K to 40K Life Hours (L10) of Continuous Use
  • Higher Speed and Better Performance than current sleeve fans sold today
  • Available with Locked Rotor and Tach Signal


  • Home Security Alarm Control Panels
  • Home Electronics
  • DVDs, Cameras, Audio/Video Equipment
  • Medical Testing Equipment
  • Engineering Testing Equipment


NMB fans offer total cooling solutions without compromise.