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NEW!  Smart Actuators for Automotive Applications

Engineering Brief:  Smart Actuators – The Intelligent Choice

Stepper Actuators for HVAC

Combine actuators with local drive electronics and internal and external sensors to make dynamics adjustments to automobile systems, reducing weight and drag and increasing efficiency.
HVAC Actuators
  • HAL Models  HVAC Actuator Lin Bus
  • HAD Models – HVAC Actuator Direct Stepper
Data Sheet & Information on HAL and HAD Models
Heat Ventilation & Air Conditioning Applications



  • Compact
  • Low Noise
  • High Durability Design
  • Customization:
    • Various Output Shafts Available
    • Different Connector Shafts Available
    • End Stop on Housing


  • Automotive Air Conditioning Systems
  • Temperature Changes Applications
  • Mode Change and Air Inlet Applications
Active Grill Shutter Actuators
  • AGA Models PA2410 and PA242x
Data Sheet and Information on AGA Models


  • Compact Design
  • High Power to Volume Ratio
  • High Reliability  Design
  • Proven Performance
  • Output Features
    • Single Output Shaft for PA2410
    • Dual Output Shaft for PA242x


  • General: Active Aerodynamic Components
    • Active Grill Shutters
    • Active Air Dam
    • Active Air Deflection
    • Active Air Speed Lips
  • Fuel Flap


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