Announcing the new Minebea Cool Leaf Touchscreen Keyboard, Remote Control, and Calculator

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Minebea Co., Ltd., NMB Technologies Corporation parent company, presents the next generation of touchscreen keyboard, remote control and calculator.

Touchscreen Keyboard

Touchscreen Keyboard

Highly sophisticated and extremely functional in design, the next generation input devices that Minebea will manufacture are a beautiful thing. The Cool Leaf touchscreen keyboard, remote control and calculator represent a leap in technology and manufacturing expertise.

Touchscreen Calculator

Touchscreen Remote Control

Designed by Kazuo Kawasaki Ph. D., and utilizing a new material developed by Torray Industries Inc., Minebea has been able to combine keyboard manufacturing technologies with lighting devices and measuring equipment capabilities, all in one product.

When the keyboard is off, the surface is like a mirror, but when touched, it comes to life by displaying all the typing characters on its mirrored panel. The LED back lighting is provided by Minebea’s lighting technology, the sensation and feel of a standard keyboard is courtesy of Minebea’s force sensors measuring devices.

Touchscreen Calculator

Touchscreen Calculator

The design and functionality of the touchscreen keyboard is ideal for medical and hospital applications where surface cleaning is a must. Moving forward, Minebea is planning to implement additional functions such as haptics (tactile feedback) and acceleration sensors.

Minebea will continue to further develop the Cool Leaf devices, and we can’t wait.

About NMB Technologies Corporation – NMB Technologies Corporation, a Minebea Group
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