Resonant Actuators

Rich tactile feedback in a small package

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Minebea Resonant Actuator Features:

  • Smooth vibration feedback and low noise
  • Low power consumption
  • Quick response time
  • High durability achieved with unique structure
  • Advanced driver control options
  • High volume manufacturing

Linear Resonant Actuator (LRA) Technology

Our LRA products have a unique spring and damping structure to suppress high-order resonance and achieve wideband and clear vibration. The compact size is ideal for creating realistic tactile sensations in mobile and gaming equipment.

Our LVC type LRA can also be driven like a speaker in order to generate a variety of sounds by vibrating the attached housing.

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New Direct Drive Actuator for displays

MinebeaMitsumi has designed a first of its kind Direct Drive Actuator (DDA) that employs a simple solenoid structure which has been flattened to fit behind an automotive user interface. The patented structure creates z-axis motion that provides a robust haptics expression while maintaining simple electrical operation.

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Modern human-machine interfaces (HMI) require rich tactile expression:

  • Automotive infotainment and displays
  • Interactive consumer electronic devices, such as smart phones & wearables
  • Smart home appliances

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