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Miniature Ball Bearings

MinebeaMitsumi delivers millions of miniature ball bearings per month to OEM customers all over the world. NMB brand bearings are manufactured with a genuine passion for precision, and held to the strictest quality standards, so that our customers receive the best precision product for their application.
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Miniature Ball Bearings

NMB miniature and precision ball bearings, manufactured by MinebeaMitsumi, range in size from .1181 to 1.000 inch outside diameter (2mm to 26mm) and are available in inch and metric sizes, stainless steel or chrome steel. Also available flanged, open or shielded, depending on your application. All of NMB’s ball bearing components are manufactured in house, with high precision machining equipment, sophisticated technologies and efficient manufacturing. eminebea 

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Mechanical Bearing Assembly

Mechanical bearing assemblies are custom made product, with a wide variety of applications. NMB’s miniature precision ball bearings are the first component of a highly successful design of a mechanical bearing assembly. Machined components such as magnets, gears, molded and machined plastic parts, die cast parts and special materials are designed and manufactured to work precisely with NMB precision ball bearings. Our assembly process and inspection methods have been optimized to produce the highest quality product for your application. Your product is custom made; our solutions are custom made for your product. eminebea

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