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DC Brushless Motors

High Performance Brushless Motors

Our electronically commutated BLDC motors are particularly suitable for applications with smooth running and long lifetime requirement.  Permanent magnets with a high energy product provide a high acceleration at very high efficiency.  The feedback of the rotor position is given by hall sensors.

ModelMotor CodeRated Voltage
No Load Speed
Rated Speed
Cont. Power
Rated Torque
Current at Rated Speed
Efficiency at Rated Speed
BLDC 20-OR12098880005895,9003,2002.387.10.4463
BLDC 36P16A1213888000212410,7309,30050512.483
BLDC 36P35A121088800051123,3502,760291032.975
BLDC 39P20F1214888000441814,97011,3001301108.781
BLDC 39P30F1214888000431820,15015,8152601571784
BLDC 40P20F1210888000561211,7858,14510512411.578
BLDC 40P30F1213888000101218,54512,65524118226.382
BLDC 40S30A121188800020243,3853,040461452.185
BLDC 40S40A121088800039242,8802,550481802.581
BLDC 40P30A121088800075244,1903,25029861.576
BLDC 65S18A121588800011243,7403,230992914.586
BLDC 65S35A121588800013243,6303,4601383806.087
BLDC 65S53A121588800015483,5853,5501844953.989


Brushless Inner Rotor Motors

Inner rotor BLDC’s are used for various applications including mechanical driving for paper feeds, transfer for multiple function printer and ATM. Our products have an energy efficient design that is small in size with high output.

ModelRated Voltage
Continuous Rating Power (Max.)
Short Time Rating Power
DIX42B10 for Home Appliances24610
DIX42B20 for Home Appliances241220


Power Brushless Motors

Power BLDC motors are used in mechanical driving for photoconductive drums, paper feeds, and toners in copiers and other OA equipment. Small form factor and high-efficiency technology helps and save energy for compact applications.

  • Nd Mg: Neodymium magnets type
  • Fe Mg: Ferrite magnet type
  • With plate and with plate & cover type are available for “for home appliance” models.
ModelRated Voltage
Operating Speed
(Min. – Max.)
Continuous Rating Power (Max.)
DNQ05K (Nd Mg)24600 – 300011
DNQ04M (Nd Mg)24600 – 300017
DNQ06M (Nd Mg)24600 – 300023
DNQ08M (Nd Mg)24600 – 300030
DNQ10M (Nd Mg)24600 – 300040
DNQ06KF (Fe Mg)24600 – 300012
DNQ10MF (Fe Mg)24600 – 300020
DNQ12MF (Fe Mg)24600 – 300030
DNQ06M (Nd Mg) for home appliances24300 – 300025
DNQ10M (Nd Mg) for home appliances24300 – 300035
DNQ12M (Nd Mg) for home appliances24300 – 300040
DNQ06MF (Fe Mg) for home appliances24300 – 300011
DNQ08MF (Fe Mg) for home appliances24300 – 300013
DNQ10MF (Fe Mg) for home appliances24300 – 300015
DNQ12MF (Fe Mg) for home appliances24300 – 300020
DNQ18HF (Fe Mg) for home appliances24200 – 300030


Small Brushless Motors

Small BLDC motors are used for digital AV equipment and PC peripheral devices. High-precision, low vibration and bearing technology enable high speed rotation.

Series NameNo load speed
Starting torque
Maximum output power
BML231004.60.38 (at 2.2mN・m)
BML33000110.9 (at 5.5mN・m)
BCL35500142.0 (at 7mN・m)
BKL44300404.2 (at 18mN・m)
BKL103200806.7 (at 40mN・m)
BKL4 Geared Motor
BCL3 Geared Motor

*Major characteristic parameters at 12V.

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