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  • dia. 42 × L29 DC Brushless motor inner rotor type
  • Motor Type : 3 Phase DC Brushless Motor
  • Direction of Rotation : CW and CCW
  • Driver circuit built-in.
  • Speed control by PWM DUTY.
  • Compact, Light Weight and High Output
  • High Efficiency
  • Low Inertia
  • Overcurrent and Locked Rotor Protection
  • The gear machined output, shaft type is available as an option.





Operating Voltagefor Motor21.62426.4VDC
for Circuit4.555.5VDC
Continuous Rating Power3W
Short Time Rating Power7W
Rotor Inertia (Reference Value)12g▪cm2
Operating Temperature02050deg.C
Operating Humidity1590%RH
Usable Input PWM Duty10100%
Motor Weight120g

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