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LED Backlight Technology

The evolution, research and development of lighting solutions at MinebeaMitsumi owe its growth to the years of experience and expertise in design and manufacturing of backlight technology. MinebeaMitsumi develops and manufactures millions of units per month of LED panels, less than 15 inches in size, for use in smart phones, car navigation systems, tablets and laptop PCs.


  • Custom made to your application
  • Advanced manufacturing technologies
  • Dedicated factory
  • Control of supply chain


  • Automotive
  • Mobile Smart Devices (phones / tablets)
  • Personal computer monitors and laptops
  • Televisions
  • Digital Cameras

Optical Design

MinebeaMitsumi’s optical design team develops technology for LED backlights and lenses. Simulation-bases design and ultra-precision machining technology are used to for development and product manufacturing.

Optical guide plates require uniform light emission across a thin-plate surface. Minebea combines light guide design with advanced, highly complex injection molding technology to produce the world’s thinnest optical guide plates.

MinebeaMitusmi’s experts create lens designs for specific lens applications. Detailed simulation of light behavior makes it possible to design ultra-thin optical guide plates and the LED lighting lenses.

Micro-optical element design is critical to efficiently control light with a thin lens. Elements such as light collection, dispersion, reflection and refraction are evaluated using optical simulation technology.

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