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Small Motors

MinebeaMitsumi designs and manufactures small custom motors for our OEM customers. Available motors include hybrid stepper motors, permanent magnet stepper motors, fluid dynamic bearing motors, and smart actuator motors.
Motor Hybrid


A stepping motors translates electrical impulses to precise mechanical movements. Stepping motors are able to start, stop and position with good control characteristics. Hybrid stepping motors have permanent magnets and teeth on the rotor and stator. NMB’s Hybrid motors are offered in Nema 08 to Nema 34 size including linear, geared, long life and encoder type motors. eminebea

Motor PM


PM stepping motor uses a permanent magnet (PM) as a rotor. NMB offers small in diameter PM stepping motors, from 3.4 mm to 55 mm diameter. Included in our line up are linear, geared and high speed PM motors. eminebea

Motor PG


Gearbox PM stepping motors are available from 5 mm to 35 mm diameter with options for either a plastic or metal gearbox. eminebea

Motor PL


Permanent magnet linear motors convert rotary motion into linear motion. Linear actuator travel per step ranges from .05mm to .0254mm. Size range is 25mm and 35mm. Lead screw type motors are also available from 6mm to 15mm. eminebea

Motor High Speed

High Speed

PM high speed stepping motors utilize silicon steel to achieve high speed performance and are available from 25 mm to 42 mm diameter. eminebea

Motor Brush DC

DC Brush

DC brush motors are offered in the standard flat and round style. We also offer a patented square type(S series) dc brush motor that achieves high torque with compact design and light weight. eminebea

Motor Brushless DC

DC Brushless

Brushless DC motors are available in both inner rotor and outer rotor styles in sizes ranging from 15 mm to 65 mm. Several styles are also available with built in electronics. eminebea

Motor FDB


Fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) brushless 3-phase motor combines the advantages of a brushless dc motor with the cutting edge technology of our fluid dynamic bearings. The FDB brushless motor offers superior performance. These motors are extremely quiet running and high running accuracy, high rotational speed, low vibration, low run out (NRRO below 40 nm), a wobble error of <3”, low acoustic noise level, long working life and low electric consumption. For more information in the US, and to speak to an engineer, please call 408-436-1110 PMDM 

Hybrid Linear

Hybrid Linear

NMB’s linear stepping motor’s high performance and compact design are accomplished through a lead screw that converts rotary to linear motion. eminebea

Motor Smart Actuator

Smart Actuators

Smart actuators product line includes the HVAC models HAL actuator lin bus and HAD models, as well as the active grill shutter actuators. For more information in the US, and to speak to an automotive motor engineer, please call 248-919-2250 PMDM

Motor Hybrid Geared

Hybrid Geared

Gearbox type series is geared stepping motor with a combination of a 2-phase stepping motor and gearbox available in standard backlash and low backlash design. eminebea

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