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Secure Your Supply Chain - With NMB's Global Manufacturing

25% Tariffs are arriving soon

Many companies are being affected by the 10% tariff on goods from China that went into effect in October. With an increase of 25% rapidly approaching, this is the best time to look at your options to keep your supply chain intact, and your costs at a minimum.

The immediate increase in costs for electromechanical components such as miniature ball bearings and small motors will affect bottom line profits, just as manufacturers like you are forecasting product requirements for upcoming selling seasons.

MinebeaMitsumi is here to help

MineabeaMitsumi, a Japanese powerhouse, offers relief.

As the largest manufacturer of precision electromechanical products world wide, we produce high quality, Japanese designed components in massive high-tech factories. 50,000 expert operators, engineers, and managers, handle the manufacturing of solutions for many of the largest OEMs in the world.

We make hundreds of millions of high quality components monthly, to provide a secure supply for our customers around the world.

All our ball bearing production is vertically integrated for end-to-end-solutions.

We’re based all around the world

NMB’s miniature ball bearings, as well as hybrid and permanent magnet motors are manufactured in our Thailand facilities. Our DC brush and DC brushless motors are manufactured in Malaysia, Slovakia and Germany.

Many more MinebeaMitsumi components are manufactured in Japan, Europe and South East Asia, all with the same precision and quality that our customers have come to expect.

Let NMB help you secure your supply chain today.

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Trust NMB for all your manufacturing needs.

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