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Precision Mechanical Bearing Assemblies

From design conception to delivery, NMB’s mechanical bearing assemblies are high precision custom products, manufactured to the highest standards of quality, cost effectiveness and reliability. NMB’s miniature precision ball bearings are the first component of a highly successful design for a mechanical bearing assembly. Machined components such as magnets, gears, molded and machined plastic parts, die cast parts and special materials are designed and manufactured to work precisely with NMB precision ball bearings. Our assembly process and inspection methods have been optimized to produce the highest quality product for your application.

Tape Guides

Tape Guides are manufactured using high precision NMB miniature ball bearings as well as non-magnetic materials such as aluminum, SUS 303 stainless steel, and a large availability of different types of resin materials.  Metallic tape guides can also be hard plated with non-magnetic electro less nickel plating as well as other special hard coating.


  • Office automation equipment
  • Magnetic tape devices in audio and video equipment
  • Data recorders


Custom Pulleys

Custom pulleys integrate NMB’s precision miniature bearings into a custom made design to your specifications.  The precision bearings are press fitted, bonded or over-molded to produce the pulley. Pulleys can be developed and manufactured with grooves, gears, rubber, and shafts, and are designed to increase the accuracy of your application.


  • Machinery automation
  • Industrial applications


Special Mechanical Assemblies

Complex mechanical bearing assemblies are custom made per customer’s requirements.  All special assemblies begin with a new design and the opportunity to create a component that will increase the value and decrease the manufacturing cost of your design.

Special Mechanical Assemblies Applications:

  • Medical equipment
  • Automotive
  • Automation


Manufacturing Expertise

NMB’s competitive advantages include ultra-precision machining, mass production technologies and our own vertical integration systems.  This vertically integrated manufacturing system includes assembly and testing, in-house production of parts as well as development, design analysis and quality control.  The ultra-precision machining and mass production technologies enable the company to achieve unmatched levels of precision in all the products we manufacture.

Development Design Support

  • Design for manufacturing support
  • Bearing analysis
  • Testing and data analysis
  • Material Science analysis
  • Failure analysis
  • In-house mass production
  • In-house manufacturing technologies
  • Ultra-precision machining
  • Vertical integration


These capabilities afford NMB an unparalleled advantage that no other manufacturer can offer – quality, supply capability, flexibility, lead time and cost competitiveness.

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