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NMB brand miniature and instrument bearings are famous worldwide for being the top product when it comes to quality, long term consistency and best value over the lifetime of the product. Find a range of traditional and customized sizes for all types of measurements from the heath and medical fields, automotive industries, industrial, precision motors, packaging, printing, machineries, factories and production lines of all types.

What is a motor bearing?

A motor bearing in an electric motor is used to support the rotor, which is the main spinning mechanism of the motor itself, creating torque and force. Bearings keep air gaps small and consistent and transfer loads from the shaft to the motor. Bearings can operate at multiple speeds and minimize friction loss, and need to be able to work without much maintenance or replacement.

What is a mechanical bearing?

Mechanical bearings are necessary anytime a mechanical process involves rotating or rolling parts. Bearings provide movement between two parts in the form of rotation and linear movement while minimizing wear and tear by limiting friction and dispersing the amount of stress on the system from problem areas that could cause breakage or breakdown.

What is a ball motor?

A ball motor is an unusual motor that is made with two ball bearing assemblies, with the inner parts mounted on a shaft, with a connected power supply, allowing the tube to act as a flywheel. Ball bearing motors can create less friction and torque, lowering wear and tear on component systems.

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