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NMB produces the highest quality fans and fan electrical components including AC & DC axial cooling fans, DC blowers, motorized impellers, small motors, lighting technologies and other mechanical and electromechanical products, integrating all parts of thermal heat and cold management into our fan motor products, energy management and controller design.

How to choose a cooling fan?

Fans have different sizes (usually measured in mm) and frequencies, and different cooling fans are also built for different environments, such as fans made for wet or moisture heavy work, certain fans made for working at high and low speeds and different temperatures, and of course different voltages and power levels.

How to measure fan speed?

Fan speed can be measured manually with a tachometer, by pointing the device at any rotating fan blades. The device will give a reading of “blades per minute” which can be divided by the number of blades on the fan to determine the fan rpm. Fans should also come with this information from the manufacturer.

How to test a fan motor

The most common major cause of fan breakdown will usually be issues with the capacitor breaking down. This can be done with a fan motor multimeter, which will display (in Ohms) the measured charge that is flowing through the motor and the capacitor to the fan blades. Based on the manufacturer data sheet, you should be able to find if the capacitor is malfunctioning or failing.

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