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What is the origin of the product name SALIOT?

The name SALIOT was derived from the initial letters of “Smart Adjustable Light for the Internet of Things”. The concept is innovating lighting for IoT wireless technology.

What are the advantages of SALIOT?

We have developed proprietary software enabling users to easily control the light distribution angle, brightness, color temperature and illumination position up/down/left/right with a smart phone or tablet. Capable of controlling up to 100 units simultaneously through Bluetooth Mesh®.

What markets would benefit from this innovation?

Commercial facilities (shopping centers, retail shops), show rooms, museums, galleries, educational facilities, event spaces, and places where a high ceiling becomes a challenge to change the focus of illumination.

What is the maximum communication distance between a smartphone and SALIOT?

About 20m when there is no communication obstacles around.

Can it be operated or registered by a third person?

The registration process manages your account name and network safely. To keep it confidential, we recommend that you keep your information safe. A third party cannot access your account without this information.

How do I get information about repairs and product warranty?

Please contact the lighting dealer or distributor where you originally bought the product from.

How often does SALIOT need maintenance?

If you do not operate SALIOT for a month, the notification “Please conduct maintenance” will show up on the App. Please follow the messages and restore operation.

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