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The SALIOT track light family revolutionized lighting with a touch of a screen. Using the SALIOT IOS or Android app on your smart device, you control the track light luminaire in six ways: rotate the beam a full 360°, tilt the beam from 0°straight down to 90°, control the beam spread from 10°to 30°, dimming from 100% to 1%, and power the luminaire on/off. SALIOT (Smart Adjustable Light for the Internet of Things) features the SALIOT App and 3 models of SALIOT products that are motorized and manipulated with your smart device.


  • Control from your smartphone
  • Rotation, angle, and dimming all included
  • Technologically and advanced LED track light for IoT
  • Beautiful award winning designs for your applications


  • Museums and Galleries
  • Hotels / Hospitality
  • Car dealerships
  • Retail space

SALIOT MS-V2 Track Light

Flagship model equipped with all functions. Combining the best technologies of MinebeaMitsumi, you
can easily operate the lighting direction up/down/left/righ as well as controlling light distribution angle,
dimming and color temperature from your smart phone or smart device, using our SALIOT app.
Significantly reduce work that will require lighting adjustment for tall ceilings, or where step ladders can
not be placed.

SALIOT MS-V2 is the winner of the 2016 LightFair International Innovation Award for Track,
Display, Undercabinet and Shelf lighting.

Basic Specifications

SALIOT MS-V2 and MS-V2A Track Light

SALIOT MS-V2 Dimming

SALIOT MS-V2 Drawing



SALIOT MS-V4 Track Light

Compact and lightweight model suitable for retail shops and event facilities. You can easily operate the lighting direction up/down/left/right as well as control dimming from our app using your smart device. Light distribution angle is a manual operation. This is a compact, lightweight and stylish model with a high level of compatibility with the interior design of retail shops and restaurants.

Basic Specifications

SALIOT MS-V4 Track Light

SALIOT MS-V4 Drawing




SALIOT MS-V5 delivers light output ranging from 3100 lumens to 4310 lumens, in 95 or 83 CRI. SALIOT is a wirelessly controlled from as far as 60 feet by Bluetooth, via a smart device with the SLIOT iOS or Android App. Award winning design in Japan, Germany and Hong Kong for its simple cubic shape and functionality. Heat shink and calbes are encased in a simple cubic form Color matching to your interior design may be available. Holds all the functionallity of our flagship product.

Basic Specifications


SALIOT MS-V5 Drawing

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