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Smart Actuators - HAL

Smart actuators are a relatively new innovation in the automotive industry. They combine actuators with local drive electronics and internal or external sensors to make dynamic adjustments to automobile systems, reducing weight and drag and increasing efficiency. Smart actuators are capable of performing diagnostics and include learning capabilities and memory functions.

About HAL Actuators

NMB Technologies Corporation’s HVAC actuator with LIN interface (HAL) is a stepper-motor-driven actuator designed for automotive air conditioning system applications. Each car uses 3 to 12 actuators for mode change, air inlets and outlets and air mix.

What sets it apart from traditional stepper-driven actuators is the incorporation of an onboard ECU and LIN interface that allows two or more actuators to communicate with the ECU and to move independently. As with the AGA line of smart actuators, HAL actuators can operate as a master/slave relationship. The master is located in the control panel and all other actuators are slaves; they do not control other actuators.

Advantages of LIN Bus System Model:


Low Noise

Lighter Weight

Reduced Load on ECU


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