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NS115P / NS115 Series

NS115P / NS115 Series

NS115P / NS115


  • Excellent in long term stability.
    0.1 % R.O. accuracy is available (including non-linearity, hysteresis and repeatability)
    Small size and light weight, horizontal cable output type is possible.
    Excellent in solidity and surge pressure
    Attached zero point adjustment
    Automatic transmission testing equipment, solenoid valve testing device, fuel cell evaluation device


Rated capacity500 kPa ~ 10 MPa (NS115P / High-accuracy type) 5 MPa ~ 50 MPa (NS115 / Standard))
Safe overload200 % R.C.
Ultimate overload300 % R.C.
Accuracy0.1 % R.O. (NS115P / High-accuracy type)
0.5 % R.O. (NS115 / Standard type))
(including non-linearity, hysteresis and repeatability)
Rated outputCurrent: 4 mA ~ 20 mA (2-wire method, Load resistance ≤500 ohm, at 24 V)
Voltage: 0 V ~ 5 V, 0 V ~ 10 V (Load resistance ≥5 kohm).
Zero adjustment range±1 %
Power supply voltageDC 24 V(18 V ~ 28 V)
Power consumptionApprox. 30 mA
Insulation resistance≥1,000 MΩ (DC 50 V)
Temp. range, compensated-20 ℃ ~ 70 ℃
Temp. range, safe-30 ℃ ~ 80 ℃
Temp. effect on zero±0.15 % R.O./10 ℃ (NS115P / High-accuracy type)
0.5 % R.O./10℃ (NS115 / Standard type)
Temp. effect on output±0.15 % LOAD/10℃ (NS115P / High-accuracy type
0.5 % LOAD/10℃ (NS115 / Standard type)
O-ring sealFKM4-class D (High-accuracy type), NBR (Standard type)
Dependent on the medium.
Class of protectionIP67 or equivalent
Material of pressure holeSUS316L (High-accuracy type), SUS304L (Standard type)
Material of coverSUS316 (High-accuracy type), Aluminum (Standard type)
Material of pressure diaphragmSingle crystal sapphire
Mounting screw1/8 ・ 1/4 ・ 3/8G{PF}, {PT}
WeightNS115: Approx. 200 g, NS115P: 250 g (main body only)
Tightening torque20 N・m ~ 40 N・m

Table of P/N

Parts No.Rated capacity
NS115P-500KP*-***2500 kPa
NS115P-1MP*-***21 MPa
NS115P-2MP*-***22 MPa
NS115P-2.5MP*-***22.5 MPa
NS115P-5MP*-***25 MPa
NS115P-10MP*-***210 MPa
NS115-5MP*-***25 MPa
NS115-10MP*-***210 MPa
NS115-20MP*-***220 MPa
NS115-25MP*-***225 MPa
NS115-30MP*-***230 MPa
NS115-35MP*-***235 MPa
NS105-50MP*- ***250 MPa


CAD files (DXF)Specification sheet (PDF)Instruction manual (PDF)
NS115 (36KB)
NS115P (42KB)
NS115P (Accurate type)
No.KS50700 (145KB)
No.KS50473 (52KB)
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