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Business Integration with U-Shin Ltd.

Corporate overview and history

U-Shin has been a trusted designer manufacturer of automotive parts for over 90 years. Since then, they have expanded into the home security and industrial equipment markets to meet the needs of a constantly evolving technology landscape.

With operations spanning 17 countries, U-Shin’s global footprint consists of 8 development sites and 24 manufacturing plants worldwide. After integration, MinebeaMitsumi’s global presence has expanded to 84 locations spanning across 22 different countries and employing over 90,000 people around the world.

Hiroshima "Mother" Plant

Integration with MinebeaMitsumi

As a result of the business integration, MinebeaMitsumi Group gains a wealth of experience in dealing with automotive manufacturers and design philosophies as well as opportunities to expand our business in the automotive parts market by obtaining an optimized business model as a Tier 1 manufacturer that can deal directly with domestic and overseas automakers. In this time of rapid technological innovation in the automotive industry, U-Shin will be able to integrate MinebeaMitsumi Group’s products and technologies of ultra-precision machining, mass production and wireless & software and be able to develop, manufacture and sell even more competitive products so that they can strengthen their manufacturing capabilities and expand business.

Visit the U-Shin website to learn more.

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