Fans and Blowers

More than 150 AC & DC Axial Fans and Blowers ranging in size from 25mm to 173mm. AC Fans with airflow from 9 ~ 220 CFM. DC Fans from 1 to 365 CFM. Centrifugal blowers with airflow from 2 ~ 28 CFM.


Motors ranging from 3.3mm up to 85mm in frame size. Hybrid step motors in NEMA 10 to NEMA 34, and permanent magnet (PM) up to 55mm. Brushless (BLDC) from 15mm to 65mm, and brushed DC motors in frame sizes from 4.7mm to 30.00mm.


Miniature precision ball bearings ranging in sizes from .1181 to 1.000 inch (3mm ~ 26mm). Our small motors and cooling fans all use NMB's high precision ball bearings.

News and Articles

News & Articles

High Speed, Low Noise and Increased Efficiency in One Small Package from NMB

Two new DC axial cooling fans from NMB offer high speed, high efficiency and low noise in a very compact and powerful package. Designed for the server, telecom and medical applications, where expectations of high reliability in compact spaces is a challenge, these new NMB fans answer the thermal call in a powerful small way. >

New Cooling Fan Visual Selection Tool from NMB

A new, easy to use, dynamic online tool that lists and updates NMB's DC and AC axial cooling fans, impellers and blowers for quick product selection for any application. >

New Performance Line of Programmable LED Drivers from NMB

NMB adds to the LED programmable driver family by introducing the new 10~20W Performance Line LED drivers. The Performance Line delivers a single programmable driver that offers output current ranges of 350mA to 2A, 0~10V low voltage dimming and digital PWM dimming function, 130K hours life time at 40C, as well as RoHS and WEEE Certification. >

NMB Reveals New Part Numbering System for Cooling Fans

A new part numbering system introduced by NMB, easily identifies the size, width and voltage of AC and DC cooling fans and blowers. The new part numbering system applies only to new manufacturing and new designs, and will not affect the part numbers of products currently on the market. >