Bearing Engineering

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Your applications are important to us, and we want you to make the most informed decision possible when it comes to choosing your ball bearings. The information in this section will assist you in the selection of the ball bearing that will best suit your application. Producing millions of bearings of the highest quality every month has helped to make NMB the world’s leading manufacturer of miniature and instrument ball bearings. High volume automated manufacturing capabilities, ultra-precision machining and vertically integrated manufacturing systems, ensure that each and every bearing produced at any of NMB’s production facilities worldwide are of the highest quality.

Items of interest you will find in the bearing engineering section include: Selecting a Bearing, Bearing Components, what makes up your ball bearing; Precision Grade, your bearing’s accuracy standard; Measurement Methods for your ball bearings; Load and Life Calculations, how long your bearings will last and how much they can bear; and much more, with illustrations and statistics to help give you as complete an understanding as possible of the ball bearings that NMB provides and their construction. If you have any additional questions after reviewing this section, NMB ball bearing engineers will be happy to address them.
If at any time you would like to discuss your bearing needs with one of our application engineers, please contact NMB.
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